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    Roster for Cybergamer 8v8 Conquest Team 1

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    Roster for Cybergamer 8v8 Conquest Team 1 Empty Roster for Cybergamer 8v8 Conquest Team 1

    Post  drzdeano on Wed Apr 18, 2012 10:18 am

    The is main thread concerning the Cybergamer 8v8 - team 1




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    Command Sergeant Major

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    Roster for Cybergamer 8v8 Conquest Team 1 Empty Re: Roster for Cybergamer 8v8 Conquest Team 1

    Post  drzdeano on Mon Apr 23, 2012 8:23 am

    please sign up your player and send app to join the sov team

    we are competing in the CGBF3 open 8v8

    This is a pritty intense ladder , alot of competetion.


    If there are still enough people ill create a second team but i dont think so at the moment.

    Ladder structure

    You can challenge teams 50% of your rank above you plus 2 positions.

    If you win a defending match you are protected for 24h (no one will be able to challenge you).
    If you win a challenging match you are protected for 6h (no one will be able to challenge you).
    If you lose a defending match you are vulnerable for 6h (you will be unable to challenge).
    If you lose a challenging match you are vulnerable for 24h (you will be unable to challenge).
    You cannot play the same team twice in a row.
    Time given to accept a match: 2 days
    Team members required to challenge: 8
    Players are allowed to be in 1 team at a time

    This is a FAST ladder, protected/vulnerable times are halved normal ladders.
    Command Sergeant Major
    Command Sergeant Major

    Posts : 327
    Points : 463
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    Location : Melbourne
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    Roster for Cybergamer 8v8 Conquest Team 1 Empty Re: Roster for Cybergamer 8v8 Conquest Team 1

    Post  drzdeano on Mon Apr 23, 2012 8:26 am

    Matchplay Rules

    1.1 The format for this ladder is 8v8

    1.2 Teams must be in the server ready to start within 10 minutes of the designated match time, teams not ready to start within that time may be forfeited.

    1.3 - Matches will be played over two rounds with the winner being determined by the team who has the most tickets accumulated from the two rounds.

    1.4- A team must have at least 8 members in the team to compete in the league, you can however play out matches with less if you are short. Teams joining more than 8 players at any stage of live gameplay will forfeit that game, players reconnecting due to loss of connection or crashes are to immediately switch to the correct side.

    1.5- Teams should try to have all players in the server and ready to go by the designated Match time. If a team has a problem getting 8 players into the server by the Match start time, they have a maximum of 10 minutes after the designated Match time to get their players in the server. If a team does not have 6 players in the server by 10 minutes past the designated match time they either start with the players they have or they forfeit the match. Teams have 10 minutes to commence the second round of a match, if they have not called live by 10 minutes the round my start regardless.

    1.6 - Ingame abuse will not be tolerated, any team communications must be either friendly discussion or coordination between teams. At the request of either teams by stating "no more global" both teams are to cease talking unless you are a captain of the team, any team breaking this rule will have the result of 1 round forfeited.

    1.7- Friendly Fire will be turned on for matches, Kill cam will not be enabled but external vehicle view will be on.

    1.8 - Teams are required to return to the CyberGamer website to enter their scores after the match.

    1.9 - Cybergamer may appoint a match referee to any match, they will spawn in and monitor the server. Referee's will try to find an area where they can view the game in a discrete place, do not shoot the referee during game.

    1.10 - Teams must offer at least 1 Non B2K (Back to Karkand) DLC Map. So that is one map that is NOT Strike at Karkand, Gulf of Oman or Sharqui Peninsula

    1.11 - Unsportsmanlike conduct during games will be penalised at the discretion of an admin. It is assumed all teams will be cooperative and accommodating within reason to all opponents.

    1.12 - Both teams must call "Live" for a round to be official. Once a rollout has commenced any "Not Live" calls may be ignored by the opposing team.

    2.0 Weapon Restrictions / Vehicle Restrictions

    2.1 The following Weapon attachments/Accessories/Unlocks are not allowed
    - Flashlights
    - IRNV
    - M320 (Grenade Launcher Version)
    - Frag Rounds
    - M320 Buck
    - M26 MASS
    - M26 DART
    - M26 FRAG
    - M26 SLUG

    2.2 The following Vehicle attachments/Accessories are not allowed
    - Tank Commander (Third seat - getting in accidentally is ok, but don't paint targets)
    - Thermal Optics (All vehicles)
    - Laser Designator (All vehicles)

    3.0 Dispute process

    3.1 Disputes for banned weapon use must be submitted with a screenshot, the player must also be able to produce on request a zip file including the original date stamped file for verification.

    3.2 Disputes based on teams not having the minimum required players must be submitted with a windowed mode screenshot showing your windows system time and the player list ingame. The time shown must be Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney time.

    3.3 Teams submitting pointless or groundless disputes may be made vulnerable for 7 days as penalty. Show good sportsmanship and dispute only with good reason.

    3.4 Teams must warn and/or notify the infringing team of their intent to dispute the game within a reasonable time-frame of 15 minutes of the infringement. This rule may be void by an admin for specific scenarios.

    4.0 - Code of Conduct

    4.1 - All players are required to act as competitors in the league, this means you are to communicate with fellow team captains with courtesy and respect, reports and evidence of abuse going on between teams when trying to organise matches will be dealt with to the detriment of the offender.

    4.2 - Ingame abuse will not be tolerated, offenders will be match banned for a period to be determined by an admin at his own discretion. If there are multiple members from a team participating this may result in the match being overturned and possible future match forfeits for offending teams.

    4.3 - Players are expected to use ingame names closely matching or clearly translating to their CyberGamer user account, players at any stage can change their username to match their playing account to ensure compliance with the rules. Names or clan tags of an offensive nature will not be allowed to compete in the tournament.

    4.4 - Teams are welcome to dispute matches but any flaming in the match details page in the teamchat will come with harsh penalties, these offenses are also covered in 4.1 and violations will be handled on a case by case basis.

    4.5 - CyberGamer admins are tournament officials, their instructions are to be complied with immediately, if you fail to comply with instructions or abuse admins ingame or within the system you may have your playing status revoked and your account banned for a period at the admins discretion. Our staff are volunteers who spend their time making these leagues/tournaments run for you, respecting that commitment is MANDATORY not optional.

    4.5.1 - Any misinformation or untruths intentionally provided to admins is a bannable offence

    5.0 Conquest Ladder Map List and Settings

    Grand Bazaar - MP_001 Conquest small
    Teheran Highway - MP_003 Conquest small
    Caspian Border - MP_007 Conquest Small
    Seine Crossing - MP_011 Conquest Small
    Damavand Peak - MP_013 Conquest Small
    Noshahar Canals - MP_017 Conquest Small
    Operation Metro - MP_Subway Conquest Small
    Strike at Karkand - XP1_001 Assault #2
    Gulf of Oman - XP1_002 Assault #2
    Sharqui Peninsula - XP1_003 Assault #2

    6.0 Server Settings

    #Commands for Unranked Servers
    vars.ranked false
    vars.unlockMode all
    vars.unlockMode "all"
    vars.allUnlocksUnlocked true

    #Change these values
    admin.password "youradminpasswordhere"
    vars.gamePassword "yourserverpasswordhere"
    vars.serverName "yourservernamehere"

    #Standard Commands
    vars.bannerUrl ""
    vars.serverDescription ""
    vars.noInteractivityTimeoutTime 2500
    vars.idleTimeout "2500"
    vars.teamKillCountForKick 100
    vars.teamKillValueForKick 200
    vars.teamKillValueIncrease 1
    vars.teamKillValueDecreasePerSecond 0
    vars.miniMap true
    vars.miniMapSpotting true
    vars.3pCam true
    vars.vehicleSpawnAllowed true
    vars.nameTag true
    vars.regenerateHealth true
    vars.onlySquadLeaderSpawn false
    vars.hud true

    vars.killCam false
    vars.3dSpotting false
    vars.roundRestartPlayerCount 1
    vars.roundStartPlayerCount 1
    vars.autoBalance false
    vars.friendlyFire true

    vars.playerManDownTime 100
    vars.playerRespawnTime 100
    vars.vehicleSpawnDelay 100
    vars.bulletDamage 100
    vars.soldierHealth 100
    vars.gameModeCounter 100

    7.0 Finals

    7.1 Format:
    Single Elimination BO3
    Repair tool battle for map choice (winner gets to choose who picks map)
    Team that does not pick map must choose starting side
    A Cybergamer server must be used unless another is agreed upon by both teams
    A third map cannot be a repeat of any map already played in that particular final
    Each team must veto a map each after map 2 has been played until a final map is remaining

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    Roster for Cybergamer 8v8 Conquest Team 1 Empty Re: Roster for Cybergamer 8v8 Conquest Team 1

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