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    I'll be back.


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    I'll be back. Empty I'll be back.

    Post  meemorize on Tue May 01, 2012 1:03 pm

    Hey guys,

    Since I haven't been online in a week or two now I thought I'd just quickly jump on and let you know why.

    Nothing major has happened really just got incredibly busy with work and since I'm a freelance/contractor web designer/developer I've gotta take the all the money I can when it's being offered to me, hence working late most nights these weeks.

    It looks like things may return to normal next Tuesday or possibly the week after and once that happens I will be back online in a more regular fashion.

    Oh and I have not forgotten about the SoV website, and have been working on the vBulletin thing whenever I have some spare time but it's far from finished at this stage, rest assured it will come though.

    Anyway, gotta get back to finish some of this work.

    See you guys soon.

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