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    Post  Guest on Fri Sep 09, 2011 7:03 pm

    I've tried as much as I can to make commands as simmilar as possible to BC2CC. Some commands won't let me change them so are the default ProCon commands.

    I've changed the main prefix command to be /! so you will need to use that at the start of ALL commands.
    Slay: /!slay [playername]
    Kick: /!kick [playername] [reason]
    Move Player: /!m [playername]
    Yell All: /!y [message]
    Say All: /!s [message]
    Next Map: /!nextlevel
    Restart Map/Round: /!r
    Temporarily Ban: /!tban [playername] [time in minutes] [reason]
    Permanently Ban: /!bp [playername] [reason]
    Confirm Command: /!yes
    Cancel Command: /!c

    PLEASE NOTE: I could implement the AutoComplete with regards to slaying/kicking/baning and moving. Simply type the players name or part of it and the rest of the command then it will say something along the lines of "Did you mean *Insert Complete Name*" then you simply type /!yes if its the right player.

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