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    Battlefield and Ventrilo



    Battlefield and Ventrilo

    Post  Guest on Wed Oct 26, 2011 10:05 pm

    An unexpected glitch has caused our Vent server to suffer a major crash and is being worked on by the techs at Hypernia right now. Also our BF3 Server is running but is not at the optimal configuration we want. Currently it is stock standard softcore because it is very touchy when adjusting server settings, most of the time changing one little thing causes everyone to get kicked. Hopefully I've found a solution but because our vent server is being fixed the control panel is also down too.

    Server name: Aust & NZ 24/7 +Instant Vehicle Spawning +HC

    Our server also will not be able to support Instant Vehicle Spawning for the moment as there are a few bugs with ProCon. There are NO plugins currently for the new version of ProCon so we don't have a ping kicker, spambot, anti-base rape (Current Game Feature anyway), Round stats or Kill Streaks.
    There is NO Ingame admin feature as of yet but is being worked on. All servers are still a bit buggy with regards to configuring so we aren't alone with this problem.


    Re: Battlefield and Ventrilo

    Post  Guest on Wed Oct 26, 2011 11:15 pm


    Hypernia wrote:Hi,

    We are working to mitigate DDoS attack within our Australian network.

    Thank you,

    Leif LaLanne
    Hypernia Customer Service

    Hypernia is being attacked.

    SoV Admin

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    Re: Battlefield and Ventrilo

    Post  SoV Admin on Thu Oct 27, 2011 12:08 am

    Basically they will be ringing their upstream provider and getting them to redirect or block the traffic, and they will be getting their upstream to do the same etc.


    Re: Battlefield and Ventrilo

    Post  Guest on Thu Oct 27, 2011 9:00 am

    Vent Server back to normal.

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    Re: Battlefield and Ventrilo

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