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    NEW Battlefield 3 64 Player Rush Server !



    NEW Battlefield 3 64 Player Rush Server !  Empty NEW Battlefield 3 64 Player Rush Server !

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    Thanks to BDU we now have a 64 Player Rush Server which has been running like a charm!

    To find it just look for "Australian & NZ +Rush +Instant Vehicle Spawning +Semi-HC" in BattleLog

    On another note,
    Our Battlefield 3 Server has been suffering frequent crashes in the last few days. I've sent a ticket to Hypernia and have gotten this response with regards to the crashes.


    Unfortunately there is nothing we can do to fix the crashing of the BF3 servers as the issue is directly related to the server code & EA/backend - there is a new patch that is to be out here in the next few days that should fix quite a few more things and hopefully allow the servers to be more stable.

    Thank you,

    Lane Eckley
    Hypernia Customer Service
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    Post on Fri Nov 04, 2011 12:57 pm  SoV Admin

    Dont you mean 32p ? Smile

    Post on Fri Nov 04, 2011 1:29 pm  Secretsinspace

    it is a 64 player but we put it down to 32 and slato there is already a post like this from earlier today Wink

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