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    Random PC Crashes for BF3


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    Random PC Crashes for BF3 Empty Random PC Crashes for BF3

    Post  Th3_Nark on Sun Jan 08, 2012 4:41 am

    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to share what I did that seems to have fixed all the random PC crashes I use to have.

    I'm running SLI'd GTX560s and after looking around it online it looks like alot of people have been having the same kinda issue.

    What I've done to sort it is the following:

    Right click BF3 Shortcut > Properties > Compatibility > Tick: Disable desktop composition

    Or a better way

    Right click BF3 Shortcut > Find Target > Right click BF3.exe > Properties > Compatibility > Tick: Disable desktop composition


    -Press start
    -Click "all programs"
    -Click "accessories"
    -RIGHT click "command prompt" and click "Run As Admin"
    -Type in the command windows "bcdedit /set increaseUserVa 3072" as always without the "

    After doing these 2 things I have yet to have BF3 make my PC crash and reboot or even the game CTD.

    Hope thing helps if ya having this issue.

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    Random PC Crashes for BF3 Empty Re: Random PC Crashes for BF3

    Post  afroisafroisafro on Wed May 09, 2012 7:40 am

    Sir, you are a champ. I actually work for EA customer support and stumbled upon your fix after struggling for half an hour with a customer doing other technical trouble shooting steps. Tried this, low and behold, it works. I am kind of curious as to what it actually does though. Could you explain it to me? If so I may be able to let other agents use the fix.
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    Random PC Crashes for BF3 Empty Re: Random PC Crashes for BF3

    Post  efedinthebutt on Wed May 09, 2012 11:07 am

    im not too sure how active th3_nark is so i'll try explain it.
    desktop composition is how vista and later versions of windows draw, unlike xp they don't draw directly to the screen when this is activated. Instead of drawing straight to the display device they draw to graphics memory which then renders the image onto the display device. this stops graphical tearing but i believe it would also swamp video memory.

    the "bcdedit /set increaseUserVa 3072"
    is for windows 32 bit users. By default the maximum memory 32 but allows the user to access of its max 4GB is 2GB, allotting 2GB for users and 2GB for system. this command changes the memory partition for the user to 3GB.
    Bf3 at one point has taken over 3GB of my 8GB so i'm assuming that lack of available memory makes battlefield lock up and crash.

    if there was any part that you didn't understand send me a message and ill try to explain it more clearly.

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    Random PC Crashes for BF3 Empty Re: Random PC Crashes for BF3

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