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    Server Ban List


    Server Ban List Empty Server Ban List

    Post  Guest on Wed Aug 10, 2011 8:09 pm

    This is a reference file for those admins who do not have access to BC2CC to view bans.
    *NOTE: Only inclusive if their name is provided.

    NAME Roar.AU PERM Hacking
    NAME tazzlord PERM Wallhack
    NAME No0bSiAbOtR PERM Hacking, Banned by SlatoSniper
    NAME iGangsta PERM Suspicous Gameplay
    NAME Toddy Bicker PERM Hacking
    NAME D4rkMass PERM Aimbot
    NAME Jihad_Osama PERM Teamkilling Admins - Do not remove Tay
    NAME Oldmates PERM Taking up server slots
    NAME ErepyonDaisuki PERM Team Killing
    NAME Soog_Xuan PERM Wallhacks - Banned by SlatoSniper
    NAME SileoMortis PERM Aimbot

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