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    Server Admin Application Template


    Server Admin Application Template Empty Server Admin Application Template

    Post  Guest on Tue Nov 01, 2011 6:07 pm

    With our new PRoCon Layer feature up and running I am pleased to announce that we are putting the call out for Server Administrators.

    What this will entail? Basically you are responsible for enforcing the server rules and making sure that people who come and play are in check, also running background checks on players suspected of hacking and investigating breaches of the server rules. Being a Server Admin means you need to be a mature and sensible person who can make fair appropriate decisions when they arise. We DO NOT want Server Admins who are applying for the power that comes with the position. All things will be taken into consideration when you are applying such as time with the clan, Maturity level, Dedication to task and how often you play.

    All Accepted Server Admins will require to download PRoCon Frostbite. This is our RCon tool which we use to administer the server. For more information about it visit the link above.

    Please make a new topic with your response.

    EDIT: Recent discussions between holy and myself have allowed the application of persons under the age of 18. These people will be on a trial basis with no power to ban until their trial period is completed. Trial period will last between 2 - 4 weeks. Note that the trial period is for persons under the age of 18 only.

    ***Server Administrator Application Template***

    Player Name:
    Any previous experience?:
    What admin qualities do you have?:

    Withe the section below you are to read the questions and answer them with EXACTLY what you would do if that situation was to happen.


    Q: A player joins the server and is repeatedly team killing.

    Q: Another player starts destroying assets.

    Q: Other players are complaining about another player saying that he is hacking.

    Q: A player is being very abusive towards a specific player.

    Q: A player is camping in the spawn area with an asset.

    PRoCon Server Connection Details for Accepted Admins.

    For Mixedcore Server:
    Port Number: 28120

    For Full Hardcore Server:
    Port Number: 28250
    Same username and password as the other server.

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    Server Admin Application Template Empty Re: Server Admin Application Template

    Post  SoV Admin on Fri Nov 04, 2011 10:25 am

    Just to be clear for current / future server admins.

    You are to follow the player disciplinary process of:

    Warn -> Kick -> Ban.

    *One exception: If they are blatantly hacking. Just ban immediately. Ensure you are correct though.
    Mission is to keep the server clean, not to ruin peoples gaming experience by banning the innocent.

    Why is a hard line being taken ?

    -You will be representing the clan in your actions.
    -Last time people started taking measures into their own hands and could do as they pleased (boredman ...)

    Just remember, admin can be taken away at any time for misuse.

    Being a server admin, just means being able to patrol the server & enforce the rules.
    It is a "job" so its not overly fun.

    We do appreciate people stepping up to apply for the position.

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    Server Admin Application Template Empty Re: Server Admin Application Template

    Post  Holy_Evangelist on Wed Feb 15, 2012 4:16 pm

    We are now looking for more admins to join our team, So please put in yoour applications via the template in this thread, and we will review them ASAP. Remember that becoming an admin is not only a privlege, but also a responsibility, and whilst in game, being an admin on the server may require you to help out and cater for other players needs at the expense of your own gaming experience.

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    Server Admin Application Template Empty Re: Server Admin Application Template

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